Things That Get Your Twitter Account Suspended

Things That Get Your Twitter Account Suspended

”My twitter account is Suspended, what do i do?” or ”I don’t think my twitter account will ever get banned”.  I’m guessing you fall under one of these categories one way or another if you are using twitter and makings tweets every now and then.

I decided to write about this issue after it happened to a really close friend of mine. His account just got suspended and no one knew the reason. We had to search for ways to reverse the action so we both buried our heads in research . And soon we found the solution. He had to email twitter to appeal for a reverse of the suspension. Twitter, after a review said he had broken a couple of policy rules and that was a violation to their terms or use. But the point here is there were never clear what policy he had violated.


So then I thought to myself. There must be a lot of people in this same situation and also asking the same question. No one ever fully  reads that long terms of agreement and policies. But perhaps the answers could be in it. So I embarked on a journey. To find out why twitter suspends accounts , What people do to get their accounts suspended and how to get your account back if it can. Ofcourse some actions may be clear act of violations and you shouldn’t be wondering why your account got suspended when you engage in some like that. But most people also get banned out of petty misunderstandings and actions that cannot be considered a violation.

It might not be important to you because you feel you don’t do anything wrong. Well you should know most suspended accounts are mostly by mistake, a small suspicious activity and then boom. so its always better to know these rules now and not later after your account is in jail.


If your twitter account has been suspended or if your twitter account will ever get banned then these are the major things that you may have done. Dailynubs will guide you

  • Harassment
  • Aggressive Engagement
  • Excessive Following Of People
  • Automation
  • Too Much Tweeting
  • Abusing hashtags
  • Multiple Twitter Accounts

Now lets dive into the matter and discuss into detail. Remember, These may not be all. But these actions have proven to be the major reasons why a twitter account gets suspended.

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Harassment is a basic rule for suspension. When i say harassment, some people are like ”hey i’m not that kinda guy”. But harassment actually includes spamming people and also phishing. If you are the kind of person that usually sends posts or links to other users in the form of direct message then you are probably part of the spam group. It might not be intentional or for bad reasons but sometimes twitter identifies such activities to be spamming especially the message is always in a specific format and being sent every time.

Also you may be suspended really quick if you are reported to twitter for harassment by a number of people. Twitter looks into the matter after a report and reviews your posts and if they fall out then you are just gone. People can report you for harassment if that content you shared seems inappropriate. So always make sure whatever you share with someone is in line with the twitter rules.


Now as simple as this point may sound, there is more to it. Twitter is a really fun place to be. You could spend most of your day just reading tweets , memes , some interesting videos or even follow the posts from your favorite celebs. Twitter allows you to follow any one you so please, like, comment, retweet any posts you find interest in. Now that’s just the fun part. The other side is twitter puts a limit on the number of engagement and it isn’t really clear what the threshold is. What ever you are doing on twitter whether liking peoples tweets or retweeting them always do it moderately. A little too aggressive and twitter may think you are abusing its usage.

Now this rule might be different for everyone and that’s because I know people who like almost every tweet they see on twitter and others also got ban for the same reason. So just make sure whatever engagement you have with tweets is always moderate. That’s how a normal user should be.


Following people on twitter is something you can never do without. It almost sounds like engagement as in the previous point but here the motive is exclusive. Excessive following of people is when you actually decide to follow a whole bunch of people in hopes that the chunk of them follow you back. And when they don’t you try and unfollow all of them and repeat the process again. This is basically you trying to tell that twitter that, ”Hey i’m hacking your system”. Twitter will respond when in due course. Its fine to follow some people and then unfollow those who don’t find the need to follow you back. But don’t make it a habit .

And also try and set a threshold for yourself even before twitter gives you that following limit reached warning. If you get that a couple of times then your account is probably heading for a suspension jail. know your limit and don’t do it all the time or everyday. sometimes all you need to do is just tweet interesting posts and who knows as people retweet your content you may find your real followers.


Automation is not actually frowned upon by twitter. this is because twitter understands there may be the need for corporate organizations or business to automatically send tweet posts from time to time. But this however can be abused. When automation is mentioned spamming comes in mind, why else would you want to automate your tweets if you know they are different content every time. Personal users tend to use automations for irresponsible reasons. Most people also automate their tweets for every minute. Now just imagine, tweeting all the time is something twitter wouldn’t take likely. And also more especially if your tweets repeats itself periodically without change. As in old tweets being recycled without any change of words. That’s bad and you should consider it carefully.


Yeah, this rule exists too. Twitter is a service for use by millions of people across the globe. Only you want to use a chunk of their space? No No. twitter actually imposes a limit on the number of tweets you can share a day. That’s 2,400 Tweets per day with retweets also counted as Tweets. There you have it. it might seem like 2400 is a huge number to reach, well that’s true. yet again you haven’t met the kind of people who reach this limit everyday. If you tweeting too much then you should consider reducing it . Unless you want your account to get suspended.


Everyone loves being organized. like books on a shelf, twitter always likes to put things were they are supposed to be. Inappropriately using hashtags is basically you telling twitter that ”Hey I do my stuff my own way”. No no, Twitter wont take that kindly. Always be sure you know what category your content fall under before you use that corresponding hashtag. Twitter wants to avoid showing unwanted results for searches by use of the hashtag in order to provide the best of services. So please don’t make their work too hard for them. However, this has to be a habit before you can ever get suspended. This is because misusing a hashtag could be a mistake and you could be left of the hook the first couple of times. But if this continues for a while then you will probably get suspended soon enough.


First of all you should know that twitter doesn’t like the idea of having two or more accounts for the same reason. It could be owned by one person but different purposes. twitter will ban your account if it notices there are multiple accounts related to each other and more especially posting the same content. If you also have two accounts on the same device sharing the same content then you should be receiving some warning really soon.

Always try to post different contents if you have two or more accounts on the same device. And also remember,Twitter may suspend an account if it looks like it has been hacked or compromised. This is somehow a security measure and you could get your account back by simply appealing. A couple of reasons your account may be considered hacked are; if your recent contents are not inline with your brand or if you start posting inappropriate contents.


These are some of the major rules that can cause your twitter account to be suspended. Always remember, twitter is a community and as such we meet and interact with many different people. Its always best to help keep the community safe. You should be fine if you aren’t breaking any of these rules. However you account can still be suspended for unknown reasons. If that should ever happen then you should know what to do after your twitter account is suspended.