Things To Check Before Buying A Used iPhone

Here Are 10 Things To Check Before Buying A Used iPhone

iPhones are the most popular phones in the world. They have arguably been the best brand of mobile phones since launched in 2007.

They have provided users with amazing features every year with each product they release. Their amazing features and functions are what make them very popular.

And this is the reason why for anyone looking to buy an iPhone, you need to make sure you check every part of the phone to make you get all the features for which you’re buying the phone.

It may seem like buying second-hand iPhones online is like playing a game of Russian roulette. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several things that you can check with the seller before committing to a purchase.

1. Proof of Purchase

Ask the seller to provide a soft or hard copy of the original receipt. The receipt will be able to tell you two important things: the previous ownership and warranty status. Once you have the iPhone receipt, check if the seller’s name or ID matches the recipient and the purchase date.

2. Battery health

iPhones batteries are known to be very strong. They perform very well when taken gold care of and charged fully. However, a used iPhone cannot have 100% battery health as the owner may have used it for months or years unless they bought a new battery into the phone before they placed it on the market. When buying a used iPhone, one of the most important parts is checking how strong the battery is.

There’s a battery health feature in the settings that determines the battery state. It tells you how strong the battery is according to the percentage of the battery.

As I said earlier, A used iPhone cannot have a 100% battery unless a new battery was bought. So checking the battery of the used phone, you might see 90% or around 80% and above.

That’s not so bad for a used iPhone. Normally people prefer buying used phones at 87% to 96% battery health.

The battery’s performance is very good within such ranges but below 80%, and your battery is nothing but just an existence in your phone.

3. Check whether it’s locked or unlocked

The creators of iPhones built the phone so that it’ll be impossible for whoever stole it or found to use it when you lose it.

They have factory unlocked phones, temporarily unlocked phones and locked phones. All these types can be used. Software developers also came up with ways to use iPhones even if they are locked.

When buying the phone, you can decide if you want to buy the locked, factory unlocked or temporary unlocked ones. But if you decide to buy the factory unlocked ones, you need to check to be very certain you’re buying the factory unlocked phone.

This is because iPhones are very complex phones designed to help the users from any theft. To check if the phone is factory unlocked or not, you need to reset the phone, and when you still have access to every feature on the phone after resetting it, then you’re good to go

4. IMEI Number

To check if the device specs match the official receipt, ask the seller to go to Settings > General > About to find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Alternatively, ask them to dial *#06# and retrieve the unique IMEI number that way.

The iPhone will then display the IMEI number, which you can check against the proof of purchase the seller gave you. You should also use to check the mobile device network, country, warranty, system version, and other specs.

5. Serial Number

As well as the IMEI number, Apple issues serial numbers to all its devices for warranty validation. To check the iPhone serial number, ask the seller to go to Settings > General > About.

With the serial number, you can actually find out details such as when and where the iPhone was manufactured. You can also verify the device specs given by the vendor and check the service and support coverage on Apple’s website.

6. Camera Test

Aside from the absence of cracks on the iPhone’s camera, it’s important to also check if it works up to standard. In some instances, third-party repair centers have been known to swap out authentic iPhone camera parts with unauthorized ones.

When testing the second-hand iPhone camera, ask the seller to take photos with the device and show you the photo right afterward. Next, make sure to ask them to take photos using the front and back camera. Then, check if the image looks clear to make sure that the iPhone camera is still working.

7. Touch Test

Next, determine if both the physical keys and screen are working. On a live video, ask the seller to press each physical button while paying attention to the iPhone response. Then ask the seller to demonstrate the basic iPhone hand gestures such as swipe, zoom, and tap.

Many older iPhones tend to have problems with their Home or Touch ID buttons. So, if you’re buying a phone with a physical button, don’t forget to ask the seller to demo these buttons while paying attention to the responsiveness of the device.

8. Microphone Test

If you were wondering what else you need to check when buying a used iPhone, its microphone should definitely be on the list. After all, the microphone is a critical feature used for taking calls..

9. Speaker Test

Faulty speakers are some of the most common indicators of a water-damaged iPhone. This damage is often not obvious because it is often inside the device, which makes this one of the most important things to check before buying a second-hand iPhone.

To check the speaker health, have the online seller put the iPhone on max volume. Then, send a quick outbound call or text to hear if the sound is free of static. Alternatively, you may also ask them to play music and adjust the volume throughout the test.

To hear if the vibrate function works, you can also ask the seller to put the iPhone on vibrate. Next, ask them to place it on a hard surface like a wooden or steel table. Then, listen to hear if the device is vibrating.

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10. Check to see if the phone is an original

Many sellers sell refurbished phones to users out there. It would help if you made sure you don’t fall victim. Luckily for iPhones, there’s a way you can check to make sure you’re buying an original iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhone and choose “general. “Tap on “about” after you choose “general.” In this section, you’ll see everything about the phone you’re buying. You’ll see the model of the phone, that is, iPhone 12 Pro Max or whichever one you’re buying. Also, the serial number and model number of the phone. You copy the serial number and model number and check them on google to make sure it’s an original phone. After checking, your phone is ready for you.