Ghana Recorded Highest Rate Of Teenage Pregnancy In The Year 2020

In the year 2020, the rate of teenage pregnancy in Ghana had rise to the highest point.
In the history of Ghana, it had never happened.

By research made, 13 teenagers get pregnant per hour this means teenage pregnancy has been one of the major problems to the Nation.

Ghanaians blame the government for this alarming issue in the country. Due to the the fact that, the double truck system which was brought by the government in the second cycle Education in Ghana.
However, it has made it possible for students to stay home for longer period of time by which certain bad things are being exposed to these teenagers.

Parents are also blamed for poor parental care and control. Because in this era, teenagers can get access to the media and many other places. So in order to decrease the rate of teenage pregnancy in Ghana, the parents has a lot of role to play.

During the lock down, that is 2020 last year is when the rate of teenage pregnancy increased than ever.
According to some Ghanaians, the lockdown also caused the teenagers to engage in several activities when their parents are out of the house.
In an interview by a host of a radio program, many people said even most married couples got pregnant during the lock down how much more teenagers.

The majority of teenagers who got pregnant in the 2020 ranges from the age of thirteen (13) to fifteen (15).

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