Top 11 Best Free Android Spy Apps In 2022

Top 11 Best Free Android Spy Apps In 2022

List of 11 Best Free Android Spy Apps

Today, we will share a list of Top 11 Best Free Android Spy Apps In 2022 that everyone will love to have on their smartphones. These apps serve a great purpose, and can be used to track your other or your child’s smartphone. So, let’s explore the list.

1. Hidden eye

Hidden Eye is one of the best and most advanced Android spy apps you can use today. Once installed, the app automatically takes a picture of the person trying to unlock your phone with the wrong password or PIN.

With an intrusive selfie, you can also set a hidden eye to play your ringtone whenever a user tries to unlock your phone without your permission. The app is fully compatible with all versions of Android.

2. mSpy

mSpy – Best for monitoring chats, photos, videos, and location of android and iOS smartphones.

mSpy is an affordable spyware app that contains a lot of features. You can monitor social media and text messages. In addition, the app lets you view installed apps, calendar, and note entries, and monitor keystrokes. You can also view photos and videos on your child’s smartphone using the app.

3. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

With GlassWire Data Usage Monitor, you can easily detect when a spy app sends data back to its host. This is especially useful for detecting spy apps that can hide from the task managers or antivirus apps.

4. IP cam weaver

This great app allows you to remotely view and control your IP camera, DVR, network video recorder, traffic camera, CCTV, or webcam from an Android device.

You can also get motion detection notifications on the newer version of the device. The app can automatically start recording whenever it detects movement.

5. Automatic Call Recorder

This is another best Spy App that one can have on their Android smartphone. The app gets automatically launched whenever you make or receive any call.

It records all the conversation b/w speakers and the surrounding noise of the device in which it is installed.

6. Anti Spy Mobile

Don’t know whether you have installed any spyware software on your phone? Use this app to find the spyware instantly. The Android app uses advanced detection techniques to detect new spyware. So, with this app, you can easily protect yourself from Android spyware.

7.  Privacy Dashboard

Although not a spy app, Privacy Dashboard can help you strengthen the security & privacy of your Android device. This is a third-party app that replicates the functionality of the Privacy Dashboard found in Android 12.

The Privacy Dashboard shows you a detailed view of permission and app usage. The app arrives with a beautiful interface, and you can use it to ensure no unnecessary permissions have been granted to unauthorized apps.

8.  Spyera

Spyera is an Android spy app that helps you spy using your mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This undetectable spy for Android allows you to monitor Android Phones, iPhones or iPads remotely.


  • You can monitor your kids and understand their world as you can track the device’s actual location in real-time.
  • It allows you to track your employees to protect your business
  • Easy installation and user-friendly web control panel
  • It provides support for SMS messages and email monitoring
  • Free updates and remote upgrades
  • Has an advanced Keylogger

9. Norton Family parental control

Norton Family parental control is an Android app meant to keep kids safe online. However, this is nothing sort of a spy app. The app can help you to supervise the online activity.

You can easily keep track of your friend’s sites and what they search for if you install Norton Family Parental control on their phone.

10.  Smart Hide Calculator

The app doesn’t help users to spy on others. But, it can give you a detective type of feeling. A smart hide calculator is a fully functional calculator app but with a twist.

Once you enter the password and press the ‘=’ button, then boom, you are presented with an interface where you can hide, and unhide pictures, videos, documents, or files with any file extension.

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11. Cocospy

Cocospy – Best for Parental Controls and Remote Surveillance.

With Cocospy, you get a cell phone tracking app that can monitor activity on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can track locations, messages, calls, apps, and more via this app while completely maintaining your anonymity. To use Cocospy, you only need to follow three simple steps.

Simply create a Cocospy account, take the device or tablet you want to spy on, and install the application on it. Once installed, log in to your Cocospy dashboard to start monitoring your target phone or tablet remotely. It comes with tons of features. The one we really like the most is the Geo-fencing feature. The app allows you to create marked zones on the map.

You are instantly notified by Cocospy when a target device leaves or enters that marked zone.