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Now Reading: Trisha Noble [ Star Wars Actress ] Dies At Age 76.


Trisha Noble [ Star Wars Actress ] Dies At Age 76.

svgFebruary 5, 2021EntertainmentJ.K Annan

Star Wars actress and popular veteran singer Trisha Noble dies at the age of 76. Reports indicate that she finally had her way off after battling with a serious tumour for more than a year. Exposure or inhaled fibres of asbestos is believed to have caused the tumour leading to Trisha nobles death as reported by The Daily Mail.

Trisha died on january 23 after an 18 month battle with mesothelioma, a tumour caused by inhaled asbestos fibers.

The Australian actress Trisha left us on the 23rd of January, just a few weeks to her 77th Birthday.

Born as Patsy Ann Noble, the daughter of Australian comedian Clarence ‘Buster’ Noble and singer and dancer Helen De Paul. Trisha Noble had several hits in the 1960s as a singer and also appeared in two Star Wars films.

She made several hits as a pop singer . Hits including Good Looking Boy , Busy lips , Sour Grapes , I Was only fooling Myself and many others back in 1960s.

She later branched in acting and that was when she moved to the UK. Her acting career took off in Great Britain and she had memorable roles in Carry On Camping, Danger Man and Death of a Woman. Her most notable role was playing as Jobal Naberrie in star Wars. Ep 2 titled Attack of clones (2002) and Ep 3 titled Revenge Of The Sith (2005). She also starred in more tv shows like Danger Man and Caltan , and others.

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You may be wondering why you never saw her that much. Well Trisha’s scenes from Episode II did not make the final cut of the film, nevertheless they included her scenes in the DVD extras.

[Trisha Noble Dies Few Weeks To Her Birthday]

The veteran who was once a teenage pop star Trisha was born and raised in Marrickville, Sydney as Patsy Ann Noble, and she began her career on the Australian TV show Bandstand. Patsy changed her name to Trisha when she moved to the US. And while stateside, she landed roles in The Mary Tyler Moore ShowColumbo and The Rockford Files.

She got a role to play on the police drama Strike Force, and when the show was cancelled, she returned to Australia in 2007 where she focused on theatre acting, starring in shows like the Sydney stage production of Pippen and Leader of the Pack. And more recently she appeared in the local theatre production Ladies In Black in 2017 playing her role as Miss Jacobs/Mrs Crown.

In 1961, she won Best Female Singer of the Year at the Logie Awards – Australia’s equivalent of the Emmys. Then She also moved to the UK and signed a two-year contract with Columbia Records.

May her Noble Soul rest In Perfect Peace.






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    Trisha Noble [ Star Wars Actress ] Dies At Age 76.