Youtube Picture in Picture Feature For iOS

Google confirms Youtube Picture in Picture Feature For iOS Users

YouTube has finally confirmed that they will add the youtube picture in picture Feature For iOS users. Primarily iOS 15 or later. Soon, this feature will be available for both Premium and non-premium members. YouTube is one of the apps that has gotten a boost from the company’s efforts to improve the experience of G-apps on iOS devices.

The company has been putting in a lot of effort to bring YouTube’s picture-in-picture functionality to iOS. Google has been testing this feature for the last nine months. The company has recently decided to make this feature only available for YouTube Premium subscribers, but after long experimentation, Youtube concludes that it is coming for all users. The company plans to release the upgrade in the coming days after extensive testing. The significant advantage of Apple’s iOS is that it will be available to all users, including non-paid and premium members.

Youtube Picture in Picture Feature For iOS

Picture-in-picture mode on iOS has only been available to YouTube Premium subscribers as an “experimental feature” thus far. We had assumed that this feature would only be available to Youtube Premium customers on iOS. After all, this feature is only available to Premium customers on Android. This, however, is not the case. If you desire the picture-in-picture feature on YouTube, you can get it free on iOS. Google has stated that the feature will eventually be available to all users in the US.

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On March 30, 2022, YouTube TV tweeted that YouTube’s “picture-in-picture is now rolling out on your iOS 15+ devices” and that the functionality will be accessible to iOS users of the flagship YouTube app in the “coming months.” Regrettably, the tweet is no longer accessible.

Picture-in-picture mode might assist you in multitasking more successfully. After all, you can continue viewing the movie while using other apps on a little screen. There is a shortcut button in the YouTube app that activates the picture-in-picture mode, which downsizes the video to the size of a small window that will hover above the Home Screen or other applications.

Here Is What Youtube Has to Say

TechRadar reached out to Youtube for confirmation. They confirmed that it hopes to make picture-in-picture (PiP) support available on iOS for Premium and non-premium members. Still, it might take some time but soon.

YouTube representative also explained, “We make features such as PiP temporarily available on for Premium users to try out. Through this, our teams are able to gather user feedback and refine the experience before a wider rollout in the coming months. When PiP rolls out in the U.S. on iOS devices, it will be available to both Premium and non-Premium users.”

YouTube has undergone extensive testing, which has been extended several times. The idea is to give iOS users the greatest possible experience before the official launch. It appears that the corporation has finally achieved its objective.

Since one premium feature is coming to iOS users, we can see how iPhone and iPad owners will have a significant advantage over Android users.